Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas

This year for Christmas we went to Amber's house and had a small little celebration with just our 2 families. I wish that my Mom, Dad, Michelle and Tom could have been there too, but it was still fun with just us. Since we would be in Utah for Christmas we went to Greg's parents in Burley the weekend before so we could do a small Christmas with them too. Eva loved opening all her presents with Grandma Sheri.

Eva got this cute camera from Uncle Blair and Aunt Bethany. Thanks you guys now maybe she won't be stealing mine all the time and taking random pictures of the floor and extreme close ups of her face:)

Greg's Aunt Suzanne made me this cute diaper wreath. It's kinda hard to tell in the picture but it has lots of baby stuff wrapped up in it. There's socks, lotion, shampoo, wipes etc. It is such a cute idea.

When we got back from Burley we had tones of snow to deal with. Poor Greg just keeps shoveling our drive way and the snow just keeps falling.

Even with all the snow we were able to make it to Amber's safely. Eva and Nathan were so happy to see each other. They love to run all over the house. One of their favorite things to do is slide down the stairs on their tummies. It looks painful to me but they seem to love it.

Christmas morning was nice. We opened all of our presents and the kids didn't waste anytime playing with their new toys. This cute little castle was a gift to Eva from Grandma and Grandpa Mora. Thanks mom and dad.

Amber really had her hands full with a new baby and trying to prepare the Christmas dinner so Greg and I tried to help out where we could. Here is Greg putting the pineapple on the ham.

I made the cheesy potatoes and helped clean up the Kitchen after all the food was done. I know I only have one child right now but taking care of her and being this pregnant, I found myself getting pretty worn out by the end of the day.

I'm glad we got to spend time with family for the holidays. It makes it such a nice, fun time. Christmas is becoming so much fun now that we have beautiful children to celebrate it with. I love my little family so much. And I'm glad that Eva and Nathan got to see each other again. What sweet little cousins.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanks Grandma Shelli

I just wanted to say thank you to my Mom for Eva's Birthday present. Since she couldn't be here for the party she had the snow suit shipped to our house. It arrived right on the 16th (Eva's actual birthday) which was nice cause then Eva had one present to open on her birthday. I really wanted to get Eva a snow suit for the winter and this one is darling. I love the pink and brown. So thank you so much Mom. You're such a good Grandma. Love you.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Eva!

Well Eva's birthday is actually on the 16th but I thought it would be best to celebrate it on a Saturday so family and friends could come. We just had a small little get together and let her open presents and have cake. She had a lot of fun and got some really fun toys. I had to start opening her presents but after she saw me do a few she got the hang of it and wanted to open them herself.

The funnest gift Eva got was from her great Aunt Ruthie (sorry Ruthie I know that makes you sound so old and we all know your not) Anyways.....let me explain that for the past month or so Eva's all time favorite thing to eat is soup. She request it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So when we started asking her what she wanted for her birthday naturally she replied, "soup" everyone thought that was pretty funny so guess what her silly Aunt Ruthie got her? Soup! We all got a good laugh when Eva pulled the cans of soup out of the bag. Thanks Ruthie I'm sure she will be eating it tomorrow.

One fun toy Eva got was from her daddy. It's a tunnel. Eva is constantly asking us to build her forts and tunnels to play in. So now it is nice that we don't have to break out the blankets and chairs for her on a daily bases.

Eva also found out that you can do more than just climb through this tunnel. This is her and Blaise playing peek a boo.

Blaise has been one of Greg's best friends since kindergarten and is a close friend of the family. His wife Devri had to work but Blaise still came to the party and brought Eva a play makeup kit. It's one of Eva's favorite gifts.

Here is Eva putting the pretend lip stick on him. Eva really likes Blaise and didn't want him to leave. So watch out Devri I think Eva has developed a little crush.

After all the presents were opened we sung Happy Birthday and had yummy cake.

Eva tried really hard to blow out the candles on her own but in the end Daddy had to help.

Here is a picture of Eva and her Aunt Annie who left work just so she could be here for the party. Thanks Ann you are such a sweetie.

After cake Eva was very interested in all her new toys. I wanted to get a picture with her but she was so busy she wouldn't stop to look up at the camera. Finally her Uncle Blair yelled out that her cousin Nathan was here and that made Eva look up for a second. Once she realized he wasn't really here she went back to playing.

So it was a nice little party for Eva. Thanks to everyone who came and for all the nice gifts.

I just can't believe that Eva is TWO! I can still remember when she was just a little baby. It's kinda sad how fast they grow but it is also so much fun to see them mature. I took this picture yesterday while Eva was wearing one of Greg's beanies. She really does look more like a little girl than a baby. I just love her so much and I'm so proud of what a cute, sweet, funny little girl she is turning into.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

She is getting so big!

About a month ago I transitioned Eva from her crib to her new room and a twin bed. I was really dreading it but I wanted to have the nursery free for the baby and Eva used to sleeping in a regular bed. I have heard so many horror stories from people about their kids crying for nights, not staying in their beds, coming out of their rooms at all hours of the night etc. So I was really nerves. But to my surprise Eva did GREAT! I had been working on getting the room ready for a few days so Eva was in there with me a lot which I think helped her get used to the room. On day I said it was time for nap and she ran into her new room saying "night, night" so I let her sleep in the twin bed and that was it. She has not wanted to sleep in her crib since. I was completely amazed. She never gets up or out of her room in the middle of the night. And she goes to sleep no problem. I just can't believer how easy that was. So anyways here are some pictures of her new room. I did put a safety rail up just so I know she isn't going to fall out at night.

These pictures are a little fuzzy and I couldn't figure out why, then Greg pointed out to me that there was one of Eva's finger prints right on the lens. It didn't surprise me.

I tried not to spend too much money on her room so I found this dresser at D.I. and painted it myself. Well Greg painted it black and I did the pink parts. I think the pink and black look really cute together.

This is just a picture of Eva from the other day. She was playing in the laundry basket before dinner and decided she didn't want to get out, so we just let her eat in there. I just can't believe how big she is getting. Time is flying by.

Happy Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving Amber, Cameron and Nathan came with us to Greg's parent's house. It was so much fun. Eva and Nathan played so well together and there was lots of fun things for them to do while they were there. We went outside a few times to let the kids see the cows.

Amber and I went out quickly to get a picture of our hubbies with the kids. Has you can see we were dressed in our nice Thanksgiving outfits and just threw on coats and shoes to go outside. We really don't fit in with the farm background do we?

The next day the guys had planned to take Eva and Nathan on a horse ride. It was really cold and windy and Nathan decided to stay in with mom but Eva was ready to go no matter how cold she was.

After Eva was out for a while Greg dropped her off at the house so he and Cameron could go out for a little longer. Eva has not stopped talking about the horse ride since. She tells me everyday how she road on Pebbles and how Pebbles jumped and was a good girl.

Eva and Nathan are so cute together they loved running around the house chasing all the kitties and had fun playing little duets together on the piano.

I'm so glad that Amber and Cameron came with us this year. It was so much fun and I was so glad to see my sister. So here we are, Amber is I think about 37 weeks here. (having her c-section THIS FRIDAY) and I'm 31 weeks. I think we are both ready to be done!

On Saturday it was Greg's Birthday. He is now 26. We went to lunch with the family, then came back and let him open presents and had cake. I think he had a pretty good day and it was a good way to end our stay in Burley. I love you honey. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.