Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some People.....

So on the way home from the spray park today I decided to get Eva some McDonald's for lunch. After waiting in the slowest moving line possible lasting about 15 minutes (there were only 2 cars in front of me) here is the word for word conversation I had with the lady on the speaker. And mind you I'm already irritated from waiting for so long.
Me: "I'll have one chicken nugget happy meal with a chocolate milk."

Lady: "what kind of kids meal?"

Me: "chicken nugget."

Lady: "4 piece?"

Me: "yes."

Lady: "what did you want to drink with that?"

Me: "Chocolate milk." (starting to get a little snotty with my tone)

Lady: "anything else?"

Me: " Yes, a cheeseburger."

Lady: "Was that happy meal for a boy or girl?"

Me: (are you kidding me?) "girl."

Lady: "OK one hamburger?"

Me: "NO a CHEESE burger!"

Lady: "OK is that all?"

Me: "Yes." (finally)

Once I get home I see that I got one happy meal and one double cheese burger that is old and stale. Then I look at the recite to see if I was charged for a double instead of a single burger and I wasn't, but I was charged for a diet coke! Which I didn't order or receive. So I'm thinking first of all I'm not going back to that McDonald's again and second how smart do you have to be to take a fast food order? I'm thinking maybe Eva could get a job there? :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Friday night the Rodeo came to Lawton so we decided to go. It was pretty fun although I did feel a little out of place because I think I was the only girl there with out big hair and a big rhinestone belt but oh well. At the beginning of the Rodeo they had one person ride out to represent each state that was there to compete. Of course there was Idaho but so was the great ole state of Michigan! I felt so proud. :)

Eva really enjoyed all the loud music and watching all the animals. Being the little ham that she is she made friends with this old cowboy sitting next to us and she flirted with him the rest of the night.

Eva's new thing now is that every time I take a picture of her she has to take a picture of me. Thanks goodness we have digital cameras now or we would waste a lot of film. This time though she actually got me in the picture.

Both the girls did really well even though we didn't leave until around 10:00. I guess that's just the Idaho country roots in them. They were very happy and content staying up way past bedtime as long as it was at a Rodeo. :)

Giddy up!