Friday, December 31, 2010

A Blue Christmas?

With Greg being gone I really was feeling that I would probably have a pretty blue Christmas this year but thankfully it was much better than expected. We went to my parents and first had our traditional Mexican Christmas Eve dinner which included tamales, beans and rice Yum! The next morning I let the girls open all their presents from me and Greg and of course Santa dropped off a present too.

After breakfast we got ready for the rest of the family to come over so we could finish opening gifts and have Christmas dinner.

This was the first Christmas in years that me and my sisters were all together again. It was so fun to spend time with them. And for those of you who don't know my family too well the blond one is my Mom not another sister :)

The kids loved playing together and opening all their presents.

Eva and Nathan with their cork guns Poppy got them.

Eva is obsessed with the new Disney movie Tangled so between her Birthday and Christmas I think she pretty much got every Tangle merchandise that was made. Including the wig.

And after presents were done Layla went back to doing what she does best...coloring.

After dinner we had the kids put on the story of Christmas. Talk about the cutest Marry and Joseph ever!

Layla with Aunt Michelle and Uncle Tom. She was the little Angel in the play.

I spent a few days at my parents and then traveled over to Amber's for a few days. Here is Cameron being a good Daddy and Uncle watching a movie with all the kids.

So another Christmas had come and gone and I won't lie...i did feel a little empty inside Christmas night. Not to mention just kinda emotional and run down but that was probably more due to being 6 months pregnant. I was worried the holidays would be a lot harder on me than they were. Thank goodness for all my wonderful family and friends that I have. So a blue Christmas? Not really...maybe just a little. Next year will be better. Greg will be back and we'll have 3 kids to spoil. I can't wait.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Eva!

Well another year has gone by and my little Eva is now 4! I can't believe how big she is getting! This party was so fun because she was finally old enough to have a real kid party with all her friends and of course we wouldn't theme it anything other way than princess. I went a little crazy decorating everything Rapunzel from the new movie Tangled. But I had a lot of fun making the house look nice and girly.

Eva opening up all her presents. Lucky the boys that came didn't seem to mind all the pink :)

Eva and her best friend Halle.

Everyone ready for cake.

Right after we sung Happy Birthday these flowers were delivered to Eva from her sweet Daddy. He sure does love his big girl.

She had a really fun party and I'm so thankful for all our friends and family that were able to help make her day so special. Eva is getting so big but I can still think back to her as a little baby. She was a firecracker even back then...always keeping me on my toes. But what a beautiful, sweet girl she is turning out to be. I love her so much. Happy Birthday my butterfly.

Monday, December 6, 2010

When I see their face.....

I have heard this song before and I just thought," yeah nice love song, makes me miss my hubby." But the other day I was in the car with the girls and it came on again and I started thinking how this song could also be about them. They are just amazing little girls and when I see their face there really isn't ANYTHING I would change. I love them so much and think they are the most precious little people in my life. They are so sweet and loving to each other and can always make me laugh on even my worst days. So here are a few of their little sayings or conversations that they have had recently that makes me smile. And these are a few of the new outfits I got them complete with leg warmers. And I don't know where Eva comes up with these poses but I think it's pretty funny.

As Layla comes up to do a craft that Eva was doing. Eva: "Layla you're so predictable."

Eva: "Mom will you check on sister tonight to make sure her band aid stays on?" After Layla hit her head on the glider and was going to bed.

Eva: "Here Layla, here's your tooth brush."
Layla: "Thank you"
Eva: "You're welcome."

Layla tries to turn the page in Eva's coloring book while she is coloring.
Eva: "Layla! You should be ashamed of yourself!"

Eva: "Goodnight sister have sweet dreams."
Layla: "Night."

Layla: "I try. I try." Whenever she wants to do something or have a turn.

Layla: "More, More." After finishing her fruit by the foot in the car.
Eva: "You don't have anymore sister, It's all gone."
Layla: Starting to cry
Eva: "Here sister you can have the rest of mine."

Like I said I think I have some pretty sweet little girls.