Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flowers are in bloom!!

Okay so before I show all the flowers growing wild in my yard I first need to show the two small, but newest updates to the house. I finally got around to making my curtains. They're nothing fancy but I love them. I love the colors and pattern. The other update is that my knobs finally came in! It only took 5 months! That's what I get for living in a small town and having to special order things. Oh well, I think they look nice and now I'm not clawing at my cabinets when I need to get into them. Now onto the house. We had large Juniper trees growing around this rock wall and around the whole front yard. Greg finally finished chopping all those trees down. I love how much cleaner the yard looks and now we can see out! You can see what a mean about flower overload! They are all pretty but man do I have a ton! Delicious cherries from my cherry tree. Grape vines! I can't wait for these to ripen. I love the way this looks. This is the rock garden (what geologist doesn't have a rock garden?) on the other side of the carport. The grape vines flow over the fence in such a pretty way. This rose bush is already done with it's first bloom. You can see the roses are dying, but there are new buds coming so I should see more as the summer goes on. This plant is growing all over the lattice. It has small yellow and white flowers that smell so good! Some ground cover in one of the flower beds. There is this tall grass growing in between these pine trees. The other day I noticed big orange flowers blooming in the grass. I didn't get around to taking a new picture of them but they are very pretty. Sunflowers!!! I have so many of these growing everywhere! I'm not the biggest fan of sunflowers in my yard but they started popping up in the areas when Greg cut down the trees. I guess it's something to fill in the dirt for now. So there it is. I have a lot going on in my yard and it's taking a lot of my time to keep up on it all. I want to continue scaling back throughout the summer so that hopefully next year it will still be beautiful but not so demanding.