Sunday, October 31, 2010

Knocked Up......Again!

Yes everyone it's true. I am 15 weeks (4 months) pregnant! And yes this was planed. When I first found out Greg was going to Iraq I thought, "Well there goes our plan of having all our kids 2 years apart. I can't have a baby while he is gone." But as Greg and I talked more about it we thought, "why can't I? Lots of army wives do it and it's fine." So we decided to go ahead and try right before he left and sure enough here I am pregnant again. I have to say that because of our situation I was a little hesitant to start telling people. I mean I am so excited but I was worried what others might say. I just wanted everyone to be happy for me and not give me any negativity. I did have a few people say things like "You're crazy" or "I don't think you realize what you are getting yourself into." Which of course is not the response you are expecting to hear when you tell your great news. But I have decided that I won't let those kind of remarks get me down. Greg and I are thrilled and that's all that matters. And really everyone else has been nice and excited for me. So my c-section is scheduled for April 16th. Hopefully Greg will be able to take leave during that time but we won't know about that for a while still. And to make it a little more fun we decided to not find out the sex of the baby! I'm pretty sure it will just be another girl so I'm not too worried about it, but if it turns out to be a boy I'm going to be doing a lot of shopping once I get out of the hospital. So that's the big news around here, another little Gochnour is on the way :)
And this is my 15 week baby bump. I know it's small but it's there and in no time it will be a lot bigger.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween Me and the girls went to our ward Halloween trunk or treat. Thank goodness for all my good friends to make it a fun night even though Greg couldn't be here. These were my favorite costumes of the night. Shauna's hubby Adam went as Wolverine and Noel's hubby Brandon went as a girl. I was laughing so hard when Brandon walked in wearing a dress. He is a police officer and one of those guys that would never be caught doing something girly, yet there he was in a dress. That made my night.

Here are my sweet little girls. Eva was Snow White and Layla was Cindy Lou from How the Grinch stole Christmas.

Eva with her best friend Halle. The two cutest Snow Whites ever.

This picture cracks me up. I wanted to get one of Eva, Layla, Halle and Ethan but Ethan wanted to be right up front for a close up. He is such a cute little boy.

The girls had lots of fun and got way too much candy. Even Layla enjoyed it and would say "tweet tweet" for trick or treat as she went around to all the cars. So it was a pretty fun night. Now I just have to find someone to eat all this candy so i don't.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Eva the flower girl

A few weeks ago Eva was the flower girl in my friends wedding. It was very flattering that they wanted Eva to do it. Greg and I are actually friends with the Groom and had only met his fiance a couple of times but once they started planning the wedding they said they didn't have many little kids on either sides of their families and they thought Eva was so cute that she would make a beautiful flower girl. Of course I couldn't argue with that...what parent would? So I got her all dolled up and she was a perfect little flower girl.

This is Eva with the Bride and Bridesmaids doing a silly pose.

When she first started walking down the aisle she was looking kinda scared but then everyone started saying things like "awww....look how cute." Which Eva just loved so she put on this huge smile and started strutting her stuff down the aisle dropping the peddles as she went. I was so proud.

Eva with the Bride and Groom. I was bummed cause my camera ran out of batteries so I didn't get many more pictures of all of them together. But she was so good to take all those pictures and I was glad she had fun.

And of course I can't leave out little Layla bean. Her newest pass time is that she loves to color! She will just sit on the floor and color off and on all day. It's really cute and nice that she has something to keep her busy.

She's such a little ham.