Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

This Christmas was one of the best by far! We actually got to stay home Christmas Eve which meant my girls got to wake up in their own beds and see what presents Santa brought them under their own tree. Priceless! I love seeing family for the holidays but I loved having our own Christmas with my own growing family. Here are the girls in their new jammies.
After Christmas morning we did drive up to Sandy to have Christmas dinner with My family. The girls had fun playing with their cousins and seeing Grandma and Popi.
It was nice spending time with family having good food and good fun.
My favorite gift was the washer and dryer pedestals Greg made for my front loaders. I will have to post pics of that soon as we are redoing the laundry room/bathroom right now. Greg's favorite gift (and the girls too lol) is the ipad. I have to say it is pretty fun. This is an app that shows you the actual size of the baby for each week of pregnancy. So here I am 26 weeks! I guess the ipad has turned out to be family gift. Good thing Greg doesn't mind sharing :)
So Christmas was great this year. I think having little children to share it with makes it that much more enjoyable. I love how magical it is for them and I'm glad we can make such great memories with family each year.