Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well I can't remember who gave Eva this book for Christmas, I think it was either my Mom or my Aunt Rachel....anyways it has become Eva's favorite bedtime book. Every night I say, "what book do you want me to read you?" Eva always replies, "PINKALICIOUS!" It's a really cute story about a little girl that makes PINK cupcakes with her mom and eats so many of them that she turns PINK. I think that is Eva's dream, she just loves anything PINK. So I figured Eva would like to make some PINK cupcakes too. As you can tell she couldn't resist and started eating the mix when it was still in powder form.

And of course I had to let her lick the beaters, isn't that the best part? And I love Layla in the background falling out of her bouncer.
Layla: "Hello.....somebody help me over here."
Eva: "Not now you little baby. I'm licking a beater."

After that I put Layla to bed so Eva and I could finish our cupcakes. Poor Layla she has to miss out on all the fun right now. Although if I could I would crawl into her crib with her and take a nap. Oh a nap sounds so good right now.

So back to the cupcakes. Eva wasn't really interested in frosting them. I did one and she decided she would rather eat it then help with the rest. But that's okay, I think she would of made a big mess with all that PINK frosting.

Luckily Eva wasn't disappointed that she didn't turn PINK after eating her cupcake. Although I think it would be kinda fun to have Eva be PINK for a day. To have "PINKTAILS" instead of pigtails, to wear a PINK dress and a PINK crown and twirl around in all her PINK glory. Yes life really would be PINKALICIOUS.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oklahoma City

Well I'm trying to get adjusted to my new home and I'm finding it a little difficult. We only brought one of our cars out here and I'm realizing that was a BIG mistake. It's such a pain to have to share one car and I end up feeling trapped a lot when Greg is gone. I just keep telling myself, "this is only temporary, soon you will be back to normal life with your friends, family and car" but for now i just have to deal with it. So to do something fun Greg and I decided to go to Oklahoma City for the weekend. It was so much fun and it was just what I needed to get OUT! So Friday we went to the Zoo. It was really hot but fun.

I love all the beautiful cats. Although because of the heat they mostly just laid around.

We also saw lots of fish. This was a fresh water tank which really grossed me out because the fish were so big. It was creepy to think those are the kinda fish that were in the lakes I swam in as a kid.

Crikey! Look at the size of those gators!

This cat was cool. She kept coming right up to the glass so Eva could get a really good look at her.
I think one of Eva's favorite was the hippo. If anyone has seen Madagascar 2. You will know what I'm talking about when I tell you Eva thinks that hippo's say "Moto, Moto" and that the Giraffes say " like you love a good book....or the beach, or a good book". It was pretty funny.

After the Zoo we went back to our hotel and went swimming. It felt so good to cool off and Eva just can't get enough of playing in the water.

The next day we went to the Science Museum which was really cool. We went to the Imax theater first and then into the museum. There was lots of fun things for the kids to do. This is the tree house area, Eva liked it until she went down this huge twirly slide and got smashed by some other kids on the way down.

So then she swung on the swing for a while. I guess she thought she would be safer with just her daddy.

Here is Greg drilling for oil!

And here I am right in my element! The Might Mouth! OK students can you guess the name of the tooth I'm leaning up against?

They also had a toddler area with a water table, face painting, bubbles and other fun stuff. I took advantage of the big rocking chairs.

The only other bad incident we had was when we went into the maze of mirrors. It was confusing for even me and Greg but we thought it would be funny to see Eva try to get through it on her own. It took about 30 seconds before she ran straight into one of the mirrors! It left a welt on her cheek and she cried pretty hard. But after a good snuggle with mommy she was OK. So it was a pretty good trip and I'm glad we got to do something fun as a family.

And I know this summer will fly by and then it will back to more of a normal life. And I really shouldn't complain at least Greg and I are together and that is better than anything else.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

20 Things I Love About My Mom

So I got this Idea from my Aunt Rachel's blog (hope you don't mind) and decided in honor of Mother's day to list 20 things I love about my wonderful mother.

1. She has the kindest heart, and is loving to everyone. (Greg added that she is really nice) :)

2. She is always willing to listen to me talk no matter what time it is.

3. She has a strong testimony of the church and has taught me the importance of having one of my own.

4. She is selfless and has always put the needs of our family first.

5. She has a good sense of humor and can handle her girls poking fun at her from time to time.

6. When I was little she always let me sleep with her and my Dad if I had a bad dream. Even though I was told to "lay still" in the bed.

7. The only swear words I have ever heard her say in my whole 26 years of life were"hell" once, and "damn" once. And she felt bad about both after she had said them.

8. She is a beautiful woman inside and out and has taught me that it's whats on the inside that truly matters.

9. She is a great homemaker.

10. She always took interest in whatever I was doing. She was willing to listen to me practice that same music on the piano over and over again or listen to me sing that solo just one more time before I had to perform.

11. She can make the best apple pie in the world.

12. She runs marathons.....need I say more?

13. She took me to see every new Disney move that came to the theaters when I was young.

14. She would take me and my sisters to the beach even on days when it wasn't very sunny and she new she wasn't going to get much of a tan.

15. She didn't get mad at me when I ran home from school in the 3rd grade.

16. She knows just how to make life feel right again when all else seems lost.

17. She is a wonderful Grandmother and is interested in everything her grandchildren are doing.

18. She is generous and giving.

19. She still wears the "mom jeans" sometimes, but looks cute anyways.

20. She has been the best example to me through out my life and is the mother and wife that I strive to be. I couldn't ask for a better mom. I love you so much. Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

He's Back.........

And we're off to Oklahoma!
Greg got home about 2 weeks ago and I can not tell you how happy I have been. He really completes our little family and I feel we are whole once again. Although it has been so nice to have him back it's been pretty chaotic around here. Greg was home for about a week before we left for Oklahoma. We will be here for about 4 months while Greg finishes up more army training. Since we are only going to be gone for a while it was such a pain to pack. We had to put half our stuff in storage and rest came with us. It was sad to leave our nice townhouse. I knew that our apartment in Oklahoma wouldn't be nearly as nice. So goodbye big spacious master bedroom and bath, goodbye granite counter tops and double door fridge, goodbye garage and fire place. Sniff, Sniff.

We gave ourselves 3 days to get out here so we could break up the 18 hour trip. Surprisingly the girls did really well. Layla was a little angel the whole time and Eva only had a few moments of well.......being Eva. It went much better than I had anticipated but I didn't take any pictures during the long car ride. At the time that was the furthest thing from my mind. But I snapped a picture of Eva one night in one of our hotels. After a long day of driving it was nice to get to spread out and sleep in a big soft bed.

Once we got to our new apartment I had mixed feelings about it. They are pretty nice and not even a year old yet. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath. But you have two flights of stars. One set as soon as you enter, which takes you to the main living area, then another set of stars that takes you to the bedrooms and bathrooms. So packing in all our stuff was hard. Luckily Greg's Dad and one of his friend came out with us which was really nice. I don't think we could have unloaded everything without the extra man power. So thank you Dan. This is what the outside looks like. I made Eva stand in front and yes I know she's not wearing any pants, again. I can't keep pants on her now that she is potty trained when we are in the house. But you have to pick your battles right?

After a few days we had everything unpacked and I even decorated a little. It really helps make a new place feel like home when you have nice things to look at. And here is Greg and Layla. Or the "twins" as I call them sometimes. They even have the same hair cut right now :)

So we made it here and are ready to start the summer in Oklahoma. But after a long week of traveling and moving in I think we all felt like doing this.

Now if they just made baby swings big enough for me and Greg we would be all set.