Tuesday, January 19, 2010


For Christmas this past year Greg's parents wanted to go on a family vacation to Hawaii. I will admit that the thought of having to take two kids on a 7 hour plane ride and then spend a week in a condo that isn't baby proof, plus spend lots of money in the beautiful but expensive Island of Maui had me a little hesitant. But I'm so glad that we went. What a gorgeous place to visit! I was in heaven. I loved the warm weather, sun tanning, shopping and playing in the ocean. Yes it was my kinda vacation. The first day we went to the beach which was right outside our condo.

It was so much fun playing in the waves although Eva and Layla were a little scared. We went to the beach almost every day but we also tried to do some things that we don't get to do very often. One day the boys went fishing and we ate the fish the next night for dinner. Nothing like fresh fish and I had never had barracuda but to my surprise it was delicious!

Here is me and my two sisters in law Bethany and Andrea. We all had a day at a spa with my Mother in law too. It was so relaxing and as the masseuse was rubbing my back she said, "I can tell you carry your kids all day long." I think she could feel all the knots in my back and I thought, "This is why I need a day like this."

Layla hated the feeling of the sand and would cry every time we put her down on the beach.

Eva was proud of all the coral and rocks she could fined in the sand.

One night we went to a Luau so first I had to run out and buy the girls some cute Hawaiian dresses.

At the Luau we all got leis and flowers for our hair.

K I don't know why it is underlining my words right now so try to ignore it. Anyways...At the Luau there was beautiful scenery all around so we tried to take lots of pictures.

Greg and I also just had our 6 year anniversary on December 27th. We didn't do much for it this year with birthdays, Christmas and getting ready for this trip. So I made him take some pictures of just the two of us. He was a pretty good sport about it.

Here I told him he had to kiss me and he had some sort of witty remark that made me laugh.

But I guess he just couldn't resist and he kissed me anyways. I mean come on, it's Hawaii how much more romantic can it get?

Greg got lots of kisses that night. I think Eva has a little crush on her Daddy.

The Luau had really good food and it was fun to see the dancers perform.

The girls started to get pretty tired so I nursed Layla while I ate and she was asleep before the show even started.

Eva went and sat on her Grandpa's lap and fell asleep toward the end of the show.

This is me and Bethany in front of the Banyan tree. Yes that is all one big tree. It looks like many but it is just all the roots shooting out of the ground. It was really cool to see.

My cute girls just playing in the condo.

And we spent as much time as possible working on our tans.

So my sister in law is named Andrea and she is dating a guy named Greg! Funny right? So we thought we would take advantage of the fact that G+A works for both of us.

Bethany and I just playing in the waves. That was before we got completely wiped out by a big one.

Greg and I even got to go out to dinner one night without the kids. Now that's a vacation.

And last but not least the scenery was Gorgeous! Maui is just beautiful.

And this is a view from our balcony. I loved looking out at the ocean and falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing on the beach.

But after a week of paradise I was ready to get back to my normal little life. With the normal routine and familiar surroundings. There is no place like home even if it means leaving beautiful Hawaii and going back to Pocatello Idaho. :)