Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Time Fun

My computer broke a few weeks ago and of course that was right when I had lots of fun things going on so now I am playing a little catchup. I hate it when this happens because then I end up just doing short little post and cram everything together just to get it done and documented. Haha I make it sound like this blog is more of a chore than just for fun. So here is what's been going on so far this summer.
Greg took Eva fishing one day. She loved it and even caught 4 fish!

Greg also built them a fire and they had lunch. She had so much fun and it was a good little Daddy Daughter date.

A couple weeks ago I thought it was a perfect day for a little pool party. I invited over some of my good friends and their kids for lunch and pool time.

At first it was just some of the girls. Everyone was eating lunch nicely on the blanket and Greg stopped home on his lunch break to say hi.

Then the boys showed up. Gavin and Carter really knew what a pool party was all about.

Layla and baby Elle.

Everyone had lots of fun and I think with all this warm weather we're about due for another party.

Fun Without the Kids :)

Although I love spending time with my girls it is always a nice treat to go and do stuff with just my hubby and friends. Last weekend Greg and I went with our good friends Adam and Shauna to a 40's Big Band Bash. It was a fun raiser put on by the Pocatello Rotary Club. There was dinner catered by Texas Road House, dancing, live and silent auctions. I even bid on a few of the items for the silent auction but I kept getting out bid...oh well.
You were supposed to try and dress from the 40's so being the movie fanatic I am I just tried to look like one of the girls from the movie Pearl Harbor. Greg wore his grandpa's army uniform pants and then improvised with his own army shirt.

Shauna and I in front of one of the old cars.

Greg and Adam being the goofy husbands that they are :)

Then they decided they would rather hold their wives then each other.

It was a nice evening, good times with good friends.

My other fun night without the kids was just this past Tuesday night. Me and some of my friends bought tickets to a special Eclipse premier party. Which aloud us to see the movie at 9:00 instead of midnight. So to make it a truly fun evening we first went out to dinner. We all couldn't agree on the same place so a few of us when to Red Lobster and some of the other girls went to a non seafood restaurant.

The party was really cool. You got a gift bag with an Eclipse mug along with popcorn and a drink. They also had t-shirts to buy, Twilight candy, tattoos and a nail painting station. They even had a little trivia game and if you got the answer right you won a Twilight shirt, bag, candy etc. Here are a few of us just playing into the whole Twilight experience. Lisa dressed as Rosalie hence the blond wig which we laughed at cause it looks nothing like Rosalie's hair in the movie :)

That wig was great and it kept us all entertained while we were waiting for the movie to start :)

I know I've said this before but just to make sure everyone understands I'm team Edward by book and team Jacob by movie.

Did I mention Jacob is hot? LOL

We had a blast. Great girls night out.