Monday, September 28, 2009

Our short stay in Burley

As most of you know Greg has decided to take a job with the National Guard as an Officer Recruiter which has put us back in Pocatello for at least a year. We have moved into a nice home (I will post pictures soon) and I am happy to feel settled once again. But I have to play a little bit of catch up from the last few weeks. When we first got back from Oklahoma we stayed at Greg's parents house for about 2 weeks until we found a place. Eva just loved being there because of all the animals. She would go out with Greg twice a day to feed the cows and horses. She would also get at least one ride on the four wheeler everyday and even road in the tractor a couple of times. My little farm girl.

The horses were so sweet to Eva. Every time we would go over to see them they would come right up to the fence and bow their heads down so Eva could pet them. She also new all three of them by name and always had to tell me who was who.

Right before we moved we took a trip to Twin Falls with Blair, Bethany and Deegan to this place called Hop To It. It is a fun zone with the big bounce houses and all kinds of slides and obstacle courses. Eva had the time of her life. Here she is climbing up the latter all by her little self.

And then down the big slide she goes!

Greg and Blair decided to have a friendly little race through the obstacle course. As you can see here Blair is in the lead and Greg looks like he is about to break his back.

But then Greg pulled ahead and beat Blair down the slide to the finish line! Blair complained that it wasn't a fair race because Greg is in the army and does obstacle courses a lot. We all had a laugh about that excuse.

So then it was mine and Bethany's turn to race. I thought for sure she would kick my butt cause she is more athletic than I am. But to my surprise I was beating her! Watch me dive!

and my slide into victory!

After that I jokingly nicknamed Greg and I the "A" team. What can I say I have a very competitive side.
The rest of the time we had fun with the kids, Layla was really to young to enjoy the slides but she seemed to like sitting in the ball pit.

Greg had a few more battles with Blair. You can see Eva in the background, she was a little concerned about Daddy getting hurt. We had to reassure her that they were just playing around.

And here we all are relaxing in the ball pit. It was a really fun day and good way to end our little stay in Burley.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goodbye Oklahoma

When we first got to Oklahoma I kinda just thought, "OK we will only be here for 4 months and we're done. I only need to make one friend with a kid Eva's age and then just keep myself busy until we move back." To my surprise I really enjoyed living in Oklahoma and made a few good friends. Once it was time to go I found myself sad and not wanting our time here to be over. The town we lived in wasn't great but our apartment complex was nice, brand new in fact and base life was wonderful. This is a picture of the cemetery on base. I don't know what it is about army cemeteries but I think they are so beautiful.

I will miss so many things that come with living in an army town. I will miss being called "Ma'am" by all men in uniform. I felt like I was being treated with such respect when I would hear, "Yes Ma'am." "Thank you Ma'am." "Can I help you with that Ma'am?" I will miss driving around on base and hearing and seeing all these men and woman training to serve and protect.

I will miss the Grocery store on base sooo much. It's nothing like Walmart. First of all everything is tax free and second all the workers are so helpful. They bag your grocery's for you, take them out to your car and even load them. Once I was there with both kids and I was just trying to put my food on the conveyor when two employees ran over and asked, "can we help you with that Ma'am?" They finish putting all my food on the conveyor for me. Now if that's not service I don't know what is.
I will miss my pool at my complex. I loved taking the girls swimming on all those hot, hot days.

I will miss the gym and my spinning class. I will miss the spray park too. One of my friends had a little girl Eva's age and a little boy Layla's age so we got along really well and hung out all the time. We went to the spray park together about 2 to 3 times a week. It was so much fun.

Can you believe that even in 108 degree weather Greg still has to walk around in uniform? He got done early this day and stopped by at the spray park to see us.

But as the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end." I was so sad to go and will always have fond memories of our time here. It was a great summer and I loved getting to see Greg every single day. It's funny how even a place that is completely new can become what you would call "home" in such a short amount of time. But now it was time to pack everything up and move back to Idaho. I was not looking forward to all the driving we had coming so I tried to see if I could fit Eva and Layla in a box and just ship them back. :)

They didn't fit. :(
Some might ask how I can put up with all the moving around and long stretches without seeing my husband and I only have one answer......

I really do.