Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Care to take a Guess?

Well I'm 35 weeks pregnant which means I have 4 weeks left until my scheduled c-section. I remember when my sister Amber was pregnant with her son she did a post about some of the old wives tales regarding how to tell the gender of your unborn baby. Since we don't know whether or not this little one is a boy or girl I thought it would be fun to list my answers to all those so called "test" so you can take an educated guess so to speak as to what this little nugget is. So here are the facts.

1. If you carry your baby high it's a girl, carry low it's a boy. I carry high.

2. If the baby's heartbeat is above 140 it's a girl or below 140 it's a boy. This one is in the 150's.

3. If you crave sweets it's a girl, crave salty it's a boy. I crave more salty.

4. If you have acne it's a girl, clear skin it's a boy. I have kept clear skin.

5. Very little to no morning sickness it's a boy, very sick it's a girl. I had hardly any morning sickness this time around.

6. If you get rosy cheeks often it's a girl, nothing it's a boy. I get rosy cheeks or flushed often.

7. If you dangle your wedding ring by a string over your belly it will move back and forth if you're carrying a boy and in a circular motion if it's a girl. Mine went circular.

8. The chines gender prediction calender says I'm having a boy.

9. Lastly I took one of those gender prediction pee test you can get at the drug store back when i was about 13 weeks along. It said I was having a boy.

So there we have it. All the facts are in. I had 4 test saying it's a girl and 5 test saying it's a boy. Almost even. Hmmmm maybe that doesn't help narrow it down at all. But I only have a few weeks left then the guessing is over. I can't wait!