Saturday, August 6, 2011

Who needs sand when you have rice?

I bought Eva and Layla a sand & water table as a gift when Julia was born. I got it all ready for them and even ordered pink and purple sand online. They have used the table a lot this spring and summer but I have had one complaint. I never realized how messy sand is! The girls would have it stuck all over them which would lead to it being brought in the house. They would also carry it in buckets around the yard and before I knew it the sand was gone and I would have to order more. Then I discovered something much better.....Rice! Not only did I decided to put rice in the table but I found a way to dye it different colors using food coloring. The girls had so much fun helping me make all the colored rice.
Eva and Layla mixing up the rice. They are both in my aprons which made me think maybe my next project will be to sew them matching ones. :)

After we mixed all the colors we put them on pans and placed them in the sun to dry.

Then I got the table all set up. Here is the water side with Ariel all ready for a swim.

And here is all the rice complete with sand toys and buried treasure.

Layla was so excited she couldn't wait to start playing.

Eva and Layla played out there for so long their legs were getting tired so Eva when and got a stool for Layla and a beanbag chair for herself. She's such a good big sister.

So the colored rice is a huge hit. I highly recommend it cause It's cleaner, cheaper and a fun little project to do with the girls.