Monday, July 28, 2008

Dinner and a Show

One thing I'm really going to miss about living at RidgeCrest is the social life. Tonight Greg and I and a few of the neighbors had a cook out and then set up a huge slip'n slide for all the kids to play in. It was so fun! All the adults just sat around and had a good laugh watching all the kids slipping and falling all over the place. I think there were a few great wipe outs that were worthy of America's Funniest Videos. Too bad we didn't think to get the cameras out until later. Eva was not really into going down the slide so I didn't even bother to put her in her swim suit. Then about an hour into it Greg took her out there and as you can see she really started having fun.

The kids really had fun but as the night went on one by one they started coming out of the water shivering. I don't think Eva's lips have ever been that blue. Even though Eva was cold she was the last one out. I guess Daddy just made it so fun that she didn't care that hypothermia was setting in. All the kids really had a good time and it was one of those great summer nights that make you thankful to have beautiful weather, great food, and good friends to share it with.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Puke Fest 2008!

Yesterday, let me break it down for ya.
6:30am Eva's awake. (kinda early but no big deal)
7:00am Breakfast (Eva doesn't eat that much, but she is a toddler big deal)
10:30am Go to the zoo with friends (Eva just stays in her stroller but won't eat her big deal)
12:00pm Lunch at the park (Eva won't eat lunch and is cranky.....she must of just had too much fun today and is big deal)
12:30pm Eva is down for a nap (Awww time to relax)
2:30pm Eva is up (time goes by so fast when they big deal)
3:00pm Eva and I are at the store (why is she giving me that funny look?)
3:01pm Eva is puking all over the floor (VERY, VERY BIG DEAL!)
3:02pm The first thing that goes through my head is WHY?
Needless to say the rest of the day I spent tending to my sick daughter who threw up another 4 times at home. Today she is much better, so I'm lucky that it didn't last that long but of course she would get sick while Greg is gone. For those of you who don't know Greg got a job with a Geological Consulting company so he has to go to the sight and work for 10 days then he comes home for 10 days and so on. The money is great but we or I have to pay the price of dealing with days like this all by myself. Looking back on that morning you would think I would have realized something was up but of course I had to learn the hard way and have her puke in a public place. Talk about embarrassing! I thought I would post a picture of her during happier times. This was when we were in MI and she loved picking the clovers.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pregnancy Tag

My Aunt Rachel sent me this in an email so now I'm tagging all the other Pregnant girls that read my blog. I know there are a few of you out don't keep me waiting.

5 Things that make my stomach turn.....
1.) morning sickness or make that all day sickness
2.) hot dogs
3.) brushing my teeth
4.) plain chocolate
5.) Eva's stinky diapers

5 Things I Absolutely Love/Crave.....
Now I have to warn you that this first one may gross some of you out!
1.) Tuna sub from Subway
2.) cheese burgers
3.) fruit
4.) Cheetos
5.) Liquids, like water, pop, Gatorade

5 Things I worry about....
1.) having to go on bed rest
2.) weight
3.) babies health
4.) how the c-section will go
5.) getting really bad heart burn again

5 Things I Am Excited About....
1.) Finding out the sex
2.) holding my new baby
3.) Decorating Eva's new room
4.) feeling and baby move
5.) Moving into a larger place!

5 Names that I love...
1.) Gavin (Greg hates this name)
2.) Beck (Greg's pick....I'm still on the fence)
3.) Olivia
4.) ?
5.) We are waiting to find out the sex before we really start thinking about names

If You Don't Know What You Are Having, What Do You Hope It Is....
I have different reasons for wanting both. I want a girl because then Eva will have a sister. I won't have to change the nursery, just Eva's new room. And I won't really have to buy any new cloths. I also want a boy so Greg will have a son, and we will have one of each. Which would be perfect, plus I hear that boys are easier as babies. So I guess we will just have to wait and see. Either way we will be happy.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

12 Weeks....

Well I'm happy to announce that I'm 12 weeks pregnant! Greg and I decided that since he was done with school it was time to add another sweet little baby to our family, a boy this time (says Greg). Everything has been going well, to my relief I haven't had to go on bed rest this time! But I have been really, really sick so I'm not sure whats worse, bed rest or's a toss up. So I though I should post a picture of me at 12 weeks before I start getting big. I already have a small pooch but I've been told that's normal with baby #2. You just start to show a little sooner, but thats ok. We are so excited to have a new baby this January.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

There's no place like home

So after a long 6 weeks our little family is finally back together! I have to say that absents really does make the heart grow fonder. I'm so happy to be back with Greg. I missed him so much, and Eva is already back to being a Daddy's girl. It is so sweet to see them together again. Although it was a long 6 weeks I'm glad that Eva and I got to spend time with my parents and sisters. We really had a lot of fun. So here are a few of the highlights from the trip.

Amber and Nathan came out to visit too. It was fun to have Nathan and Eva together. They are so funny and love to run wild around the house. They had lots of fun swimming, playing with Bailey, and looking at the toad that I caught for them. And yes I picked it up with my bare hands!

It's really sad that my sisters and I are all so far away from one another. But at least we got to spend some time together. Michelle came over a lot and even stayed the night so we could have a good old sleepover. Scary movie included. Amber and I went out to Red lobster without the kids! It was really nice to be able to sit and enjoy our food for once.

One of the best days was my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party. We went all out just like a wedding reception with catered food (Mexican of course) cake, and a mariachi band.
My Grandparents looked amazing I just can't believe that they have been married for so long. What a great accomplishment.

Here are the mariachis serenading them while they ate. It really was a nice party with all our family and friends. It was a great way to end our six week stay.

And here is a picture of Nathan and Eva getting a little tipsy on the sparkling cider. They loved it and just kept asking for more.

To my Mom and Dad. Thanks so much for letting Eva and I stay with you guys for so long. I am so grateful to have such wonderful parents. I hated being away from Greg but you guys made it so much easier on me. And I'm glad Eva got to spend so much time with her grandparents. I love you guys.