Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glitter in the air

I keep hearing this song on the radio and every time it makes me cry. I feel like this is how my life is right now....just on the verge of a whole new experience.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Love To Decorate

I love shopping in the vintage stores that are here in Pocatello. I can almost always seem to find what I am looking for and at a great price. Lately I have been searching and searching for end tables for my living room. And finally I found them. I was at this store appropriately called Vain and Vintage when I came across two white end tables. I got them for $25.00 a piece which is such a great price for study hard wood. Once i brought them home I painted them black and presto....they match my living room perfectly. :)

I also bought pillows for my couch and love seat to help tie in the tan and Burgundy accents that are throughout the room.

And this is the shelf I found at a garage sale for 5 dollars. It was brown so I painted it black and got some new frames to display some of our new family pictures.

Now as silly as this may sound to most of you I also decorated and organized my closet. It's huge and I just felt that I would feel so much better if when Greg and I walked into it everything was in order and looked nice, instead of purses everywhere, shoes on the floor etc. Plus I thought it would be nice if it coordinated with all the blacks and tans that are in my bedroom. So first I got a new desk that I use as my vanity. Again it was from a vintage shop. It was $25.00 and all I did was paint it black.

Some more decorating on the window in my closet.

And lastly I got baskets to keep all my purses in, a new hanging shoe rack and wooden hangers for all our clothes. Well I have all my clothes on wooden hangers and I'm still working on Greg's side of the closet but I don't think he is too worried about it.

So there we have it. Did I mention I love to decorate?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Can Sew!

We are taking pictures with Greg's family this coming Sunday and I wanted my girls in matching pillowcase dresses. I have seen this style of dress on Etsy but some are pretty pricey and I was worried they wouldn't get shipped in time. So a friend of mine suggested I just make them myself and that is exactly what I did. Mind you I have never sewn before besides one blanket and I have never even used my sewing machine. luckily Greg has grown up with a mother that sewed a lot so he was able to teach me how to use my sewing machine and he helped a little with the measuring on the first dress. I am really pleased with the way they turned out and proud of myself for doing something so crafty :) So these are the dresses.

Pretty cute right?

So should I start taking orders? lol