Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life is moving pretty fast

After Greg came home life started moving in a really fast pace and it has yet to slow down! Maybe it's just adjusting to running a household of 5 that makes me feel like I never have anytime? Or the fact that I have a million projects I'm either doing or plan on doing? Well whatever the case is I don't have much time to myself and therefore blogging has fallen very last on my list of things to do. So I need to sum up the past few months and get all caught up.
Halloween was pretty good. Greg had already started working down in Price, UT so me and the girls spent it with my parents and Amber. Eva was a Princess, Layla little Red Ridding Hood and Julia & I were witches.

Eva was brave and the only one to go through the haunted house (with me) that was set up at one of the houses in the neighborhood. Layla was crack'n my Mom and I up because she would go get her candy and then run back down to my mom yelling "Grandma, Grandma." I guess she was really playing the part of little Red going to Grandmother's house.

We bought our first home and moved in the week of Thanksgiving. I love our home and we are working hard to make it just how we want it. I will post pics of the before and afters very soon.

The previous owner and a major green thumb as you can see. Our next project is to scale back on the landscaping. This summer it was kinda pretty with all the green plants, flowers and trees but right now everything is brown and over grown. Yuck!

Eva had her 5th Birthday this year. I can't believe she is getting so big. 5 going on 16!LOL She had a Hello Kitty party with just our family and her cousins Nathan and Ryan.

Christmas came and we went to Burley to spend it with Greg's family. It was fun to have all the Brothers and Sisters together for the holidays. We had a fun time.

Santa may have spoiled the girls a little but I think living a year without their Daddy made them more than deserving of it :)

Little Layla had her 3rd Birthday in January. She had a Tinker Bell party with lots of family there to celebrate. She loved it.

Now we are just trying to adjust to our new lives. Trying to make friends and see where we fit in our new town.

Eva is such a sweetheart and a wonderful big sister. I couldn't ask for a better helper. She loves her sisters so much and tries so hard to help them. She loves putting Layla down for her naps. She will have Layla go potty, read her a story, sing her a song and tuck her in. It is the sweetest thing and a big help while I'm putting Julia down for her nap. I don't know what I'd do without my Eva. She is in preschool and doing really well. She is a social butterfly and already has lots of friends. Eva is also very silly and her favorite thing to do is pull pranks on us. She loves to jump out and scare us or tell me there's a spider on the wall....stuff like that. She can always bring a smile to my face.

Layla has these big blue eyes, Greg and I love them. We now call her the little owl because her eyes are just so big. She has the cutest personality and makes us laugh all the time. When Layla wants something to eat she will say, "Make it big" which means she wants a lot of it. And when she takes a bath she likes the tub to be very full so she will say, "Make it deep." So when she's eating cheese (her favorite food) she will say, "Make it big and make it deep!" I guess she just wants to cover all grounds so I know to give her lots. Layla is a little ham for sure and is always doing funny dances or saying silly things to make us laugh.

Julia is definitely the baby of the family. Everyone is always watching out for Ju Ju. She is a pretty happy baby and is learning and growing so much. She is 10 months now and has 2 bottom teeth with 4 coming in on the top. She crawls and is pulling herself up to standing so I know walking is right around the corner. She says Momma and Dadda and has already learned to hold a phone up to to her ear and say what sounds like, "Hi Dad." Her sisters play with her a lot and Eva can get her laughing the hardest. She is a joy to have and just another blessing to our family.

Greg is happy to be home and loves spending time with all his girls. He has a good job as a Geologist in the BLM but plans to work his way up so I know living in Price is just a stepping stone. He has made some friends here who like to ride dirt bikes so he is enjoying doing some manly things again. I little escape from all the pink he is surrounded with.

As for me.....what can I say? The life of a stay at home Mom isn't too glamours. I run around taking care of the girls and doing lots of house projects. I am making friends which I am so thankful for. I don't know what I'd do without a social life!
I cut my hair and It's the shortest I've ever had it. I really like it, a fun change for now.

I"m also really into Green Smoothies right now and drink at least one everyday.

So that's the happenings around here. We are just living life and loving it. I still can not tell you how happy I am to have my family back together. Now my next post will be pics of my new house I promise!