Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some changes coming our way.

It's been awhile but I've been so busy lately and so tired that by the end of the night all I want to do is watch a little t.v. and then go to bed. So what's been going on? Well thankfully Greg is home and we made it through that long year.

Now that he's home it's time for some changes. Greg accepted a job as a Geologist for the BLM in Price, UT. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I am so excited for Greg to have a normal 9-5 job, not to mention the great benefits and security having a government job. On the other hand it sucks because we have to move to Price. It's still far from my family, farther from Greg's family and it's a super small town. We went down there twice house hunting and I was very disappointed with the selection. Thankfully we did find a house and should be in about the middle of November. For right now me and girls are still here in Pocatello while Greg is living out of a hotel in Price. Just my luck, Greg comes back from Iraq only to leave us a few weeks later. But at least it's not for too long.
So besides getting ready to move I'm just busy taking care of these 3 little girls by usual. Eva started preschool again and is loving it. Although this will be her last month there and I know she is super sad to move away from her best friend Halle.

I couldn't ask for a better helper! Eva is so sweet and loving towards both her sisters. She tires so hard to keep the younger two happy and willing gives Layla any toy she wants without hesitation. Sometimes I tell Eva she doesn't have to give (whatever it is) to Layla if she still wants it but Eva always says, "it's alright Mom I don't mind." She defiantly got this from Greg. :)

Layla is still being a little 2 year old. She is so sweet and funny one moment and beyond sassy the next. She has started to imagine with little toys and it is so cute. I can't always understand what she is saying but I hear her telling her toys, "you're alright." or "I'll be right back OK?" She also loves to snuggle when she watches movies or is getting tired. She'll come sit by me or Eva and say, "snuggle me." I love it.

Julia just hit the 6 month mark on the 18th. She is a chub just like her sisters were and I think it's so cute. She is a pretty happy baby and is hitting her milestones on track. She babbles a lot, has rolled front to back and back to front and has started sitting up all by herself. She is a joy to have and really completes our family of girls.

I recently had the girls pictures taken and as you can see I have so much fun dolling these little girls up! So that's what's up around here. Hopefully my next post will be pics of our house!