Sunday, December 20, 2009

My little Girl is Three!

Yes my little girl is now three years old. My how the time does fly. It feel like only yesterday that she looked like this. Just a tiny little baby with that deer caught in the head lights look.

Then she was one and so excited for all that yummy cake.

And at two she became a little princess.

Now at three she still is a princess just with a little more attitude.

Eva had a really nice party. We had Greg's family over and Amber came with Nathan and Ryan. Since there were only boys at the party besides Eva and Layla I decide to keep the theme of the party to something gender neutral. So we just did a Christmas theme.

Eva, Nathan and Deegan all made little Christmas trees out of an ice cream cone, frosting and candy. Which of course they had to nibble on as they worked.

Eva was very excited to blow out her candles and she was able to do it all by herself this year.

And here are the kids goody bags.

I think Layla makes a cute little reindeer.

Eva got lots of nice gifts. One she really like was a trunk of dress up cloths. Once she opened that present she had to put on the Snow White dress immediately and kiss a prince. (or her Uncle Reagan).

But by far the best gift of all was from me and Greg. We got her the Disney Princess Musical Vanity. A perfect fit for a little princess. Now I have to explain that it was the best gift not because of what it is but what it represents.

As soon as Greg put it together I was flooded with all my childhood memories of loving those Disney Movies and wanting to be Ariel, Jasmine or Cinderella. I have to admit that I burst into tears. It's kinda hard to explain but just the thought of my daughters loving these characters too and having those same dreams of growing up and finding their own just got to me. I love this vanity and I love that Eva is getting to the age where she can pretend that she is a princess. Make believe is a wonderful, pure childhood right of passage and I love the sweet innocence of it all. It is a wonderful thing to watch unfold before my eyes.

So Happy Birthday to Eva my little Princess. Stay sweet, stay innocent and always see the good in life.